Your Adventure Elopement Experience

Your Adventure Elopement Experience

March 8, 2024
March 8, 2024

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life- regardless of what your dream celebration looks like. While some couples prioritize certain things over another- your photographer and videographer are easily the most important vendor of your wedding or elopement day.
As your elopement specialist- I do so much more than take epic images that tell the story of your adventure! Here’s a look into the elopement experience:

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Let’s Talk about your Adventure Elopement:

Once you submit your inquiry form- your opportunities are limitless. No matter how big and wild your dreams are, we will create the most memorable, authentic, and exciting elopement experience for you and your other half! Within 24 hours of submitting your inquiry form, I will reach out to you! Within my email, you will receive a link to my elopement packages!
I offer a variety of elopement packages, that are created based off of my knowledge of elopements I have planned! I offer packages ranging from 4 hours to multiple days, with a variety of services included! Once you’ve checked out the details about each package that I offer, you will be able to schedule your consultation call! This consultation call is completely free, and will allow us to get to know each other, allow you to tell me all about your dream elopement, and allow me to answer any questions you have!
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Let’s Make it Official:

Once we’ve chatted and created the perfect package for your dream elopement experience- it’s time to make it final! You will receive a contract and an invoice at the end of our consultation call. Your contract will fully outline the details of your experience, as well as all of my policies and responsibilities as your elopement expert! You’ll be able to find information about turn-around time for your images and video, get a fully transparent outline of my policies, and so much more!

Let’s Plan an Epic Adventure!

We will work closely throughout the time leading up to your elopement to make sure every detail is perfect! All of my couples get an in-depth adventure elopement guide with over 80+ pages information and resources, which will give you a ton of important information about eloping in addition to all of my personalized planning I will do with the two of you!
We’ll find locations, local activities, create a timeline, come up with a backup plan in the case of inclement weather, and so much more during the planning phase of your experience!
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It’s Time to Have the Experience of a Lifetime!

It’s time! Everything we’ve planned is finally happening! You’ve just touched down in your dream destination, and now we get to celebrate your big day in the most exciting way! I treat each of my couples to dinner before their big day, so that we can have some time away from the camera to get to know each other, chat, and have a relaxing evening before your epic adventure elopement!
One thing I ensure my clients understand from the beginning, is that your elopement is not an elaborate photoshoot! This is your wedding day, and whether your celebrating with friends and family or just the two of you, you deserve to live in the moment and truly soak in every minute of your wedding day (and that’s not possible with me constantly posing and directing you!) I will usually trail behind my couples, giving them space to talk, observe, and just enjoy their adventure, while I document everything without distraction! Sure, I may find an epic spot where the lighting is perfect and give you some direction, but for the majority of the day- it’s all about living in the moment!
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