Your Elopement Photo + Video Team

Who are here to help you achieve a badass elopement.

Hey there,

The owner, photographer, videographer, planner, editor... you get the idea.

Why did I become an elopement photographer?
Because much like you- I hate the "traditional way."
I wanted to be myself, with couples who didn't look at my tattoos or my sense of humor as "unprofessional"- plus, I've learned that the badass couples choose to elope.
I wanted to find you.
The people who love to laugh, who value experiences over things, and who want something intentional and meaningful. I wanted to create something empowering, and surreal.
I will be the one planning your epic elopement, documenting your unique love story through photo and video, and ensuring that each moment of your elopement day is truly the best experience of your life!
From planning to editing your epic images and film- I will be here throughout the entire journey with you!

I'm Emily!

The more relaxed one on the team is my other half, Kameron!
After years of supporting me behind the scenes and always having an interest in the art of photography, he officially joined my elopement team!
He brings an exceptional style of imagery to the table, focusing on those badass shots that truly show how epic your elopement adventure was!

The one who matches my energy ten fold, Yasmine!
The two of us together are sure to make your elopement fun, as together we are anxiously looking for adventure and ready to hype the two of you up!
She brings a dreamy, intimate style to the team, truly encompassing your love story with romantic imagery!

This is my crew,

Kameron & Yasmine!



There are over 15,000 elopement photographers in the United states,

There are over 15,000 elopement photographers in the United states,

so why us?

so why us?

We specialize in elopements because we understand and relate to couples who want an epic elopement, and fully believe eloping is the best way to marry your other half. We will fully support every crazy ass idea (and more than likely pitch a few of our own!)
We don't view ourselves as a service providers- We view ourselves as a friend, a safe-space, and an advocate for eloping couples.
We fully believe that documenting such a once-in-a-lifetime day like your wedding day is an honor.
Our couples can expect fast, consistent and thorough communication, timeliness, and badass photos.
15,000 is probably an extremely underestimated number of elopement photographers, but none are going to be as dedicated to your love story as us- I promise.




Our Promise

to the wild lovers

Your dreams and desires will be heard and fulfilled.

You're in the hands of elopement experts who will fully prepare you for an epic adventure.

We are fully accepting and encouraging of any and all love stories.

We will create images that make you teary eyed.

We will allow you to have intimacy during your elopement. This is your wedding day.

We will tell you that you look good as fuck at least 100 times.

We will be your extra hands, your shoulder to lean on, and your advocate.

We believe in you, your love story, and making your elopement badass.


Get to Know

your elopement team!

My dream elopement to document would be:

An adventurous full day elopement in Alaska with a helicopter tour to a glacier!

My Favorite Show/ Movie is:

Harry Potter!

My top bucket list experience is:

To visit Raja Ampat in Indonesia!

My dream elopement to document would be:

An all-day elopement in Iceland chasing epic waterfalls, taking a helicopter tour, and then camping beneath the stars!

My Favorite Show/ Movie is:

Game of Thrones, The Witcher, and House of the Dragon!

My top bucket list experience is:

To see the Northern lights in Alaska!

My dream elopement to document would be:

An multi-day elopement in Europe with epic views, waterfalls, and fun activities!

My Favorite Show/ Movie is:

Stranger Things and Game of Thrones!

My top bucket list experience is:

To visit Paris, France and see the Eiffel Tower at night!


about our team!

"Are you guys 420-friendly?"



Hell to the yeah!
If your idea of an epic elopement involves sparking one up with an epic view- we are here for it! While we remain professional and won't participate, we will 100% get some bomb ass photos of the two of you having your chill time!

"Are you guys dog/ pet friendly?"



We have a total of two dogs and 6 cats between all of us! I have over 10 years of experience in horse training and riding, and 5 years of equine photography experience! If you are dreaming of having your beloved fur-baby with you on your elopement day, or if you're dreaming of riding horses through the mountains or on the beach- we are 100% ready to document your epic elopement!

"Will all three of you document our elopement?"



It widely depends on what your elopement day looks like! For a small, photo-only elopement it may just be me, however, if you have a sunrise to sunset or a multi-day elopement, one or both of my team members will typically be with me!
I also try to get all three of us on board for elopements in places none of us have ever been! 

Travel costs are included in every elopement packages, so whether it's just me or all three of us- there will never be additional travel fees added onto your collection!

Emily and her team were incredible!! They were very creative and enjoyable to work with. The pictures turned out absolutely STUNNING!!! Highly recommend!


So you know you want to elope,

and you've already found the best team of elopement experts...