The best places to elope

Have the wedding day of your dreams in a surreal destination.

The planet is full of surreal destinations...
so where should you elope?

After years of learning the art of elopements and endless hours of scouting destinations, I have created a list of the best places in the world to elope!
You can also find additional information about the legalities for each location, and links to additional resources for eloping in these dreamy destinations!

First... dream of the perfect day!

First... Dream of the perfect day!

Determine what the weather would be like, and what season.

Decide whether you will have guests or not, and if so, how many.

Think about your hobbies and passions- then make them a part of your big day!

Think about what scenery you would like for your day! The Ocean? Mountains? 

Be kind to our planet.

Leave no trace.

We are undeniably lucky to have such beautiful places that we can explore!
While eloping in wild places is surreal, memorable, and exciting- please respect these epic destinations when visiting them.
It's incredibly important to follow Leave No Trace principals to ensure these beautiful destinations can continue to be enjoyed by others, and be a lifelong destination for you to enjoy time and time again as a reminder of your unique elopement.

The seven Leave No Trace Principals

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Dispose of Waste Properly

Leave what you Find

Minimuze Campfire Impacts

Respect Wildlife

Be Considerate of Others

65+ Elopement Activity Ideas

Have an elopement day full of fun and adventure!

Love the idea of eloping and going somewhere surreal, but want to have some fun on your elopement day?
Here are over 65 activities that you can consider making a part of your epic elopement experience!


For eloping in wild places


Eloping on a weekday is almost always going to be the best time to plan your elopement, especially when choosing a State or National Park. While you're bound to come across other hikers and tourists, for the most intimate experience, choosing an off-season and a weekday will heighten your chances of having a more quiet and intimate experience!


While I try to keep information updated as frequently as possible, be sure to always do your own research about obtaining your marriage license, as well as any necessary permits for locations.
If you book your elopement with me, I will always give the most recent information about obtaining your marriage license, as well as any permits we may need for your epic elopement!


While there are decades of weather patterns that are used to get an idea of what time of year is best for your elopement, ultimately- anything can happen! When deciding on if you should elope, consider the possibility for unexpected delays, bad weather, and a change of plans! If this isn't something you would be okay with on your wedding day, consider an indoor space, like an Airbnb, to have a safe but intimate location!
When you book your elopement with me, I will create multiple back up plans with you, to ensure we not only have an alternative route, but that the backup plans still make your dream elopement happen!


If you are not having your ceremony at a location, you may not need a permit! Wedding and Special Use Permits are typically for having a ceremony at a location, so if you're dreaming of visiting multiple scenic locations, like different state/ national parks or areas, you more than likely do not need Special Use Permits just to explore and take photos! (Do keep in mind that a lot of locations require a photo/ video permit.)