How to Elope

Plan the wedding day you desire and deserve.

You know you want an intimate, adventurous, and memorable wedding day...

but where do you begin?

While choosing to elope can be the best decision you ever make, you may feel lost on where to begin planning something that is limitless!
As elopement experts who not only understand but also value the idea of eloping, we have made it easier for the adventure-seeking couples to plan the elopement day of their wildest dreams!

If you're craving experiences, lifelong memories, and intimacy for your wedding day, here is everything you need to know about eloping!

First... what is an elopement?

While eloping use to mean running off in secret, without consent, to get married- the term "elopement" has evolved.
While some couples do choose to have an elopement and tell their friends and family after the fact, it has more so become an intimate destination wedding with just the couple, and even a couple of their closest friends and family!

Choosing to elope means choosing an intentional, meaningful, and personal wedding experience that is truly authentic to who you and your partner are, and the things you are passionate about.

Frequently Asked Questions
about how to elope

"Where should we elope?"



The world is filled with surreal, breathtaking locations that are the perfect destination for an adventurous elopement! Sit down with your partner and ask yourselves:
   - What kind of weather would we want?
   - What kind of activities would we want to do?
   - What kind of scenery would we love? Waterfalls? Oceans? Mountains?

Once you have an idea of what your dream elopement would look like, you can begin searching for locations that have those types of scenery and activities! This is the biggest day of your life, so wherever you dream of eloping- just do it!


"Can we have our friends and family present for our elopement?"



Of course! Typically, intimate weddings and elopements have less than 30 guests! Lots of couples dream of having an epic elopement, but would like to have their beloved family and friends join them for part of the day!
If you dream of celebrating with more of your friends and family, you can plan a post-elopement party! Click here to learn more about how to plan a post-elopement party!

Your elopement can be:
   - Just the two of you!
   - The two of you + an officiant & witnesses
   - Up to 30 of your closest friends & family!

"Is eloping legal? How is it a legal marriage?"



The legalities with eloping in a specific state or country widely vary. Some states require an officiant and witnesses, some don't. While the logistics can be confusing, especially if you're choosing to elope in a different state or country, there are a few options!

   Option 1: Elope somewhere meaningful and exciting in your home state, and handle the legal paperwork in your home state per their requirements.
   Option 2: Elope in a different state/country, and handle the legal paperwork in that state/ country per their requirements. (Filing for a marriage license can be extremely difficult, so option 3 may be the best option for international elopements!)
   Option 3: Elope in a different state/ country, and then file for your marriage license in your home state per their requirements.

Your wedding day is the day that you make a lifelong commitment to your partner. You can still plan an epic elopement and recognize that as your wedding day, and handle the legalities before or after your adventure!

"What does an elopement ceremony look like?"



Your elopement ceremony can be however you desire!
Want friends and family there? Send out the invites!
Want it to just be the two of you? You can plan the entire day for the two of you!
There are no "traditions" when it comes to eloping, so depending on what kind of ceremony you have- you can basically do anything!
If you're planning to legally be married in the state/country you're eloping in, you may need an officiant, witness, etc. in order to file for a marriage license, so be sure to research the legalities of filing for a marriage license in the state/ country you're eloping in!
The day you commit your lives to each other is your wedding day, not the day you sign some papers!




How to elope

As soon as your heart pulls to an adventurous elopement- get in touch!
As elopement experts, we can help you plan every detail of your epic wedding day, so that no question goes unanswered and you can have a fun and smooth planning process!
We will help you find locations, elopement vendors, help you with the logistics and legalities, and make your wildest dreams come true!

Here's what planning your elopement looks like with us...

Schedule your Consultation.
   Once you've submitted the inquiry form, I will follow up to schedule your free consultation call! During this call, I will learn more about what you dream of for your epic wedding day, and help you envision what your unique elopement experience can look like! If you haven't chosen a date, or even if you're not sure exactly where you want to elope- don't hesitate to reach out! I will help you from the very beginning to ensure everything you dream of becomes reality!

Make it Official.
   Once you've decided that you are ready to chase your wildest dreams, it's time to make it official! We will secure your date, send you our welcome package, and get started on planning your elopement day! Throughout the first couple of weeks after your date is secured, we will pitch a ton of ideas, potential locations, local activities, elopement vendors, and so much more!

Have a Badass Wedding Day.
   I promise you, since the moment you inquired I have been anticipating your big day! We will have an absolute blast together, and my team and I will document your special day with passion! We typically arrive 2 days before your elopement so that we can be rested and do any last minute preparations for your elopement!

Take a Look at what we Created.
   Within 48 hours after your elopement, I will be back home and have your sneak peek images sent to you! This will consist of 10-20 photos that will show the highlights of your adventure! Within 6 weeks after your elopement, I will send you your final gallery, and mail out your personalized USB with your memories! If you chose a collection that includes a cinematic film, you can expect your film with your final gallery, as well as it will be on your personalized USB!





  • Do not feel like you need to wear your wedding attire for the entire day! It's extremely important to wear the proper attire when planning an elopement day that is physically demanding, such as hiking.
    Your elopement photos will still look badass with you wearing hiking boots and comfortable clothing while you hike to your location!

  • Stay hydrated! Whether you're planning a long hike or just want to visit  multiple locations and plan activities- it's so important to stay hydrated! Don't forget to enjoy meals throughout the day, too!
    Your body will be grateful after all of the tears, laughter, and adventures!

  • Follow "Leave No Trace" Protocols! We are so blessed to have such a beautiful world to explore, be sure to do your part in taking care of the epic places you visit!

  • Don't sweat the small things! We often get discouraged by things we can't control, but it's important to embrace the entire adventure! Remember, this day is about committing to your other half- nothing can stop your undying love!


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I've created twenty in-depth guides for how to elope in some of the most epic states in the United States! These guides include everything from obtaining your marriage license, to the best locations to elope!