How to Elope in Colorado

The complete Colorado Elopement Guide

Dreaming of a Surreal elopement in Colorado?
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Colorado is the perfect destination for the adventurous couple who craves an adventurous and other-worldly experience for their elopement!
As elopement experts, we have done a ton of research on eloping all over the world, and created in-depth guides for adventurous couples just like you!


How to obtain a marriage license in Colorado:

Requirements to Apply for a Marriage License in Colorado:

- Both parties must have a valid photo ID, a driver's license, passport, etc., to confirm identity
- You do not have to be a resident of Colorado to get married there
- There is no waiting period in Colorado
- There is no blood test required in Colorado

420 Friendly State

Pick Up a Colorado Marriage License
   You and your spouse will both need to be present at a County Clerk office in order to get a Colorado Marriage License. You will have 35 days after picking up your Marriage License to get the License signed. Since Colorado is a popular destination for elopements, schedule an appointment far in advance to ensure you can pick up your License. Be sure to check the specific county's requirements and fees for obtaining a marriage license. 

Return your Signed Marriage License.
   Colorado does not require witnesses or an officiant (also known as "self-solemnizing",) so you and your partner can simply sign your marriage license and then return it to the county clerk office. If you have an officiant, witness, or even a fur-baby- feel free to have them sign your license!

You're Legally Married in Colorado!
   The County Clerk office will notarize your signed Marriage License, and then return it to you! You can order additional copies as needed.




Your Colorado Elopement Photographer

who is ready for a badass adventure

If you know you want your wedding day to be filled with laughter, adventure, and love- eloping is going to be the best decision you ever make!

If you want a team of elopement experts who fully understand and support your wildest dreams of having an epic wedding day, we are here to help with the entire experience!
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For choosing your Colorado Elopement Location

A reminder

While I try to keep information about elopement locations updated as frequently as possible, things are always changing!
It's important to always do research and contact the national/ state parks well in advance, to ensure there are no new guidelines, requirements, or restrictions!
When I help you plan your epic elopement experience, I will always provide the most recent information regarding permits and guidelines for locations!
Be sure to leave no trace when visiting beautiful outdoor locations- it is crucial for the health and longevity of the environment.

Want in on our


While we 100% believe in transparency, as elopement experts we have dedicated a lot of time searching far and wide for hidden gem locations that are less crowded, and more surreal!
While we recommend general areas, gorgeous state and national parks, and other popular locations- we have a personal database of thousands of locations across the United States! When you book your elopement experience with us, we will help you find locations that perfectly suit your unique elopement.

Ready to start planning your epic elopement?


The best time of year to elope in Colorado:

Spring in Colorado can be very hit-or-miss, as there will be beautiful warm days, and then snow the next. If you are dreaming of an outdoor adventure, the summer time in Colorado is the perfect time to elope! While temperatures can get high, the state comes back to life in July!

Colorado has a track record of being surreal during the fall months! If you truly want to experience those fiery autumn colors, Colorado is the place to be, however fall is short lived. In the mountains, you can find fall colors glowing in late September. The foothills tend to peak in early October. Keep in mind, there are chances of snow in the fall.

June - October

If you want to experience a winter wonderland with epic mountain views- winter in Colorado is perfect for you! There are also less tourists during winter months! One thing to keep in mind is Colorado can get some pretty intense winters, which means you will need solid back up plans. Many high elevation roads are closed because of inclement weather, so some locations may be inaccessible.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Eloping in Colorado

"Do I need permits to elope in Colorado?"



Some locations, such as national parks and state parks, typically require a special use permit or a wedding ceremony permit when you are having a ceremony within the park. If you are just enjoying the park and having photos done, you may not need a permit for your elopement, but a photo/ film permit may be necessary for your photographer or videographer.
Be sure to check each location's regulations and requirements to ensure your elopement day goes as smooth as possible!
If you book your elopement experience with me, I will help you with all of the logistics and legalities of your elopement day!

"Can we have our friends and family present for our elopement?"



Of course! Typically, intimate weddings and elopements have less than 30 guests! Lots of couples dream of having an epic elopement, but would like to have their beloved family and friends join them for part of the day!
If you dream of celebrating with more of your friends and family, you can plan a post-elopement party! Click here to learn more about how to plan a post-elopement party!

Your elopement can be:
   - Just the two of you!
   - The two of you + an officiant & witnesses
   - Up to 30 of your closest friends & family!

"If I am coming to Colorado to elope from another state, will I need to file a marriage license in Colorado?"



I always recommend filing for your marriage license in the state/ county in which you are eloping in! However, if you have already went to the courthouse and filed your marriage license in your home state, or want to deal with the paperwork later on down the road, you will have a "commitment ceremony," which isn't legally binding.
Choosing to file your marriage license before or after you elope is completely fine, what really matters is when you and your partner commit your lives to each other! Just keep in mind that you are not legally recognized as married until a marriage certificate is obtained.

Colorado Elopement Packages

For the wild lovers

What's Included:

Packages Starting At $3,400   |   Couples Typically Invest $4,400 + Heirlooms 

- Coverage from 4 Hours to Multiple Days
- Personalized and Detailed Planning
- Tax + Travel to All U.S. States
- Private Online Gallery + Custom USB with Edited High-Resolution Digital Gallery
- Sneak Peeks within 48 Hours
- Full Gallery Delivery within 6 Weeks
- Highlight Video with Audio Coverage so you can Watch and Listen to your Epic Day!
- Ease of achieving the most memorable and authentic elopement experience!

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