Fall Creek Falls Elopement | Tennessee State Park

Fall Creek Falls Elopement | Tennessee State Park

April 7, 2024
April 7, 2024

Fall Creek Falls State Park is overall a stunning location to elope- but my favorite location in the park is Fall Creek Falls itself! This beautiful waterfall roars as it plummets 256 feet to the bottom. The trail starts at the Fall Creek Falls Overlook- which is such a stunning view of this massive waterfall! However, there’s nothing that can prepare you for what you will see at the bottom! If you want to learn more about planning your own Fall Creek Falls Elopement, keep reading!

Arriving at Fall Creek Falls:

The hike from the overlook parking is a 1.6 mile in-and-out hike. From the overlook, you will walk downhill .8 miles until you reach the base of the falls. Towards the end of the trail, there are a lot of large rocks and boulders that have fallen into the pathway. Be sure to wear the proper hiking footwear while you make your way down the trail.
Emmaleigh and Garrett really wanted to have a first look in front of the waterfall, so Garrett changed in the bathrooms and then went down with my partner, Kameron. I stayed with Emmaleigh while she got changed into her beautiful wedding dress. Garrett stood in admiration of the falls while he waited for Emmaleigh to reach the bottom.
Parking Lot Coordinates: 35.66785868527119, -85.35806117088609
Waterfall Overlook Coordinates: 35.666982700197124, -85.35619971787575
Waterfall Coordinates: 35.66797612756936, -85.35133364897847

Once you reach the bottom of the falls, there are several places right at the base of the falls where you can stand and truly take in this massive waterfall. When this waterfall is going full force, be prepared for a strong mist!
Fall Creek Falls is the most visited State Park in Tennessee, so I recommend going at sunrise or on a week day if you’re looking to elope in this beautiful State park! The cold weather doesn’t hold off many tourists from this epic location, so be sure to awaken before the rest of the world for a more intimate visit!
While Fall creek Falls is surely a top spot in this state park, there are so many beautiful locations all throughout the park that are so much fun to explore, and are perfect for the adventurous eloping couples!

How to Elope in Fall Creek Falls State Park:

Step One: Obtain any Necessary Permits!

The state of Tennessee openly invites couples to say “I Do!” in their state parks, with only a few guidelines to follow! Some locations within the park may require a permit, while others may not, so be sure to contact the proper authorities and learn more about restrictions and to obtain any necessary permits.
You can call the Betty Dunn Nature Center at (423)-881-5708, or go directly to the Fall Creek Falls State Park website here!

Step Two: Hire an Adventure Elopement Photographer!

Your elopement deserves nothing less than a big traditional wedding, and that includes a dedicated elopement photographer! Elopement photographers will be able to curate the perfect elopement experience full of everything you dream of! You can learn more about how my team and I design and document the most epic elopements here!

Step Three: Anticipate your Epic Elopement in Fall Creek Falls!

This state park is the perfect destination for an eloping couple who loves adventure! You can kayak, hike, camping, and so much more! This state park in middle Tennessee is the perfect destination for couples who desire a day full of exploring outdoors, and you can even rent a cabin for your stay right inside of the park!

Tips for Eloping in Fall Creek Falls State Park:

  • Being the most visited state park in Tennessee, plan to start your adventure early in the morning or on a weekday to avoid the large crowds (especially in warmer months!)
  • Get your hiking boots! While the trail to Fall creek Falls is less than a mile one way, you do have lots of large boulders to make your way over! Be extra careful when walking on wet rocks here, as they get extremely slippery!
  • Don’t fear the water! This epic waterfall is an incredible sight to see, and being close to the base or even in the water will make for some stunning photos!
  • Stay hydrated! While it’s a short hike, the Tennessee heat is no joke in the warmer months! Be sure to stay hydrated (any time of year!) so that you feel your absolute best while you are adventuring throughout Fall Creek Falls State Park!
  • Don’t forget your fur-babies! Fall Creek Falls openly welcomes all dogs in the park so long as they are leashed! Don’t forget to clean up after your pet!
  • Follow Leave No Trace Protocols! This waterfall is extremely clean, and hopefully it continues to be taken care of by all future guests who come to admire this beautiful location! Be sure to take anything you bring, pick up items or trash that may be left, and respect the beautiful nature that is in this state park!

Ready to Book your Epic Elopement Adventure?

Your elopement is special, unique, and authentic to you and your partner! If you’re ready to throw out the rulebook and plan the experience of a lifetime, let’s create the wedding day of your wildest dreams!

Emmaleigh + Garrett | Fall Creek Falls State Park Elopement