How to Plan a Post-Elopement Party!

How to Plan a Post-Elopement Party!

May 14, 2024
May 14, 2024

If you dream of having an adventurous and intimate wedding day, but you still want to celebrate your marriage with your friends and family- have a post-elopement party! Keep reading to learn more about what a post-elopement party is, how to plan one, and to get some ideas for your own celebration!

Post-elopement party ideas

What is a Post-Elopement Party?

You’ve carefully planned every detail of your epic, intimate elopement- and it was beyond your wildest dreams! Whether it was just the two of you or your closest friends and family, you may still dream of celebrating with your loved ones! (Hence, a post-elopement party!)
A post-elopement party is a celebration of your marriage, and gives you the best of both worlds without sacrificing what you truly desire out of your wedding day. The awesome thing about having a post-elopement party, is that you can share the epic photos and stories with everyone!
Just like your elopement, there are no rules or standards for planning a post-elopement party. Whether you plan your celebration the day after you return from your elopement, a few months after, or on your anniversary- there’s no timeline to follow when it comes to celebrating your marriage!
Just like your elopement, no one is obligated to anything. If you didn’t invite anyone to your elopement and you do not want to plan a post-elopement party- there is no pressure! You deserve to have the wedding day of your dreams, and if celebrating with a lot of people afterwards isn’t something you desire- you do not have to! It’s easy to feel guilty, especially if family and friends make remarks about your decision to elope, but remain true to what you and your partner truly want!

How to plan a post-elopement party

How to Plan a Post-Elopement Party:

Step One: Choose a Date!

When choosing your date for your post-elopement party, there’s two main choices:
– You can plan it immediately after your elopement ceremony, much like a reception.
– You can plan a post-elopement party at a later date.

If you choose to plan a post-elopement party immediately after your elopement, keep in mind that you will not have any photos/ videos yet. If you’re planning an adventurous elopement, consider who would be able to come and how your elopement plans may affect having your celebration in the same day.

Step Two: Choose a Location!

Once you have determined a date for your post-elopement party, it’s time to pick a location! This can be anywhere, like an Airbnb in your elopement destination, at a restaurant, or back in your home state! Be sure to consider who will be able to travel to your destination for your post-elopement party, and if your party events should be indoors or outdoors!

romantic elopement photos

Step Three: Spread the Word!

There’s so many different ways you can invite guests to your post-elopement party!
If you kept your epic adventures a secret, you can send out an announcement with an invitation to celebrate your marriage! (Which are super cute when you use your elopement photos!)
If you’re including your closest friends and family on your elopement day, you can include information about your post-elopement party on your invites!

Step Four: Celebrate your Marriage!

Modern elopements are a very new experience that couples are choosing over traditional weddings, so be prepared for questions! (Especially if no one knew about your elopement!) Take any questions or comments lightly, as many people don’t fully understand elopements, or why you chose to elope instead of a traditional wedding. You deserve to have the wedding day of your dreams, so just remember how much freedom and love you felt on your elopement day, and share the joy with those who may not fully understand! At the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters is that your elopement is authentic, meaningful, and memorable!

Post-elopement party ideas

Post-Elopement Party Ideas:

Plan a Nice Dinner.

If you want to keep it lowkey with only a few of your closest friends and family, plan an evening at a nice restaurant! This eliminates any set up or clean up, and provides options for your guests to eat!

Book a Venue.

If you’re planning to invite a lot of your friends and family and want to have a party that is much like a traditional wedding reception- book a venue! You can have music, catering, some decorations- whatever your heart desires! This allows for a more private setting, and will allow you to have more guests to celebrate your marriage!

Rent an Airbnb.

This is a great option for the two of you and your closest friends and family! You can plan a weekend to celebrate with your loved ones, and have privacy! You can rent an Airbnb in your elopement destination, in your home town, or even in a different part of the state/ country!

Have a Party at Home.

If you want to be close to your friends and family and cut out the costs of renting a space, invite your guests to your home! You can plan to serve a home cooked meal, or even have a local restaurant cater your party! You also get to enjoy the comfort of your home and can share the experiences from your elopement while you show your guests your epic photos and film!

post-elopement party planning

Ready to book your elopement?

Your elopement is special, unique, and authentic to you and your partner! If you’re ready to throw out the rulebook and plan the experience of a lifetime, let’s create the wedding day of your wildest dreams!