What is an Adventure Elopement?

What is an Adventure Elopement?

June 11, 2024
June 11, 2024

The awesome thing about choosing to elope is that there are no standards, traditions, or rules- your elopement can be everything you dream of and nothing you don’t! As a photographer who has documented a variety of traditional weddings and elopements for many years, I’ve fallen in love with adventurous elopements- so much so that my team and I specialize in them! If you are a lover of the outdoors and want surreal views, fun activities, and everlasting memories, let me tell you all about having an adventure elopement!

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What is an Adventure Elopement?

An adventure elopement is exactly what is sounds like- a wedding day filled with fun experiences and unreal views! These kind of elopements are typically an all-day or even multi-day experience, and usually centered around making the great outdoors a part of your wedding day. That being said, if you don’t enjoy hiking or many outdoor activities, that doesn’t mean an adventure elopement isn’t for you! There are so many epic places all over the world that require little to no hike, which means you can still enjoy an unreal destination without having to hike or camp! (However if you want to do some hiking and camping for your big day, it is so much fun!)
All in all- an adventure elopement can be anything your heart deems an adventure!

What can we do for an All-Day Elopement?

As elopement planners, photographers, and videographers- we have sat and thought about this question a million times! The best answer we can give, is anything! The world truly is your oyster when you choose to elope, as you can do more than dance and cut cake on your wedding day! You can check something off of your bucket list, include things you enjoy as a couple already, or even just go and visit must-see spots in your destination! Our favorite activities to recommend to couples are things such as helicopter tours, going off-roading with a professional driver (this is one of my favorites!), enjoying sunset on a sailboat, taking a swim at the end of the day, and camping so you can have a cozy fire and look at the stars! Need some more ideas for your epic elopement? Check out over 60 more activity ideas!

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How do we plan an Adventure Elopement?

There is a bit of planning needed to nail out the details of a bad ass adventure, but don’t worry- it’s a lot more fun than planning a traditional wedding!
The first, and most important step, is to sort out the legalities of getting married, especially if you’re eloping in a different state or country. Determine what the requirements are for obtaining a marriage license in your state or country that you wish to elope in, as well as look into any permits that may be necessary. Some locations may only require a permit or permission if you plan on holding a legal ceremony at the location, so be sure to make some calls before you purchase multiple permits simply for enjoying a location and taking photos! (Most national and state parks do require a photo/video permit though!) If you’re looking to have an adventurous elopement in the United States, I’ve created a great resource for the best states to elope in!
Once you’ve considered the requirements for your desired location(s), you’ll need to get into the planning phase! Look into flights, car rentals, lodging, and check out the local activities to ensure your destination is the right fit for what you desire out of your elopement! There is an entire world to explore, so take your time in determining where you would like to go to ensure it’s beyond your wildest dreams!
If you want a team of experts to help you find hidden gem locations, local activities, and walk you through the legalities of eloping somewhere epic- let’s chat!

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Ready to Start Planning your Adventure Elopement?

Your elopement is special, unique, and authentic to you and your partner! If you’re ready to throw out the rulebook and plan the experience of a lifetime, let’s create the wedding day of your wildest dreams!